Water Risk and Resource Management

Water. Your organization and employees depend on it. Your daily operation may require substantial quantities of it. But are you managing this vital resource to ensure its short-term availability and long-term security? Are you preparing for potential threats?

Marstel-Day’s multi-disciplinary staff can help you identify risks to your water assets. Our team of planners, scientists, engineers, analysts, project managers, and GIS specialists will develop innovative ways to mitigate risks. We leverage strategies that generate business opportunities too.

  • 96% of global CEOs understand “direct” water risks
  • 50% think their water-risk horizon is 1-5 years
  • 39% experience detrimental impact now

Deloitte’s CDP survey of global leaders

Critical Risks to Water Resources

  • Aging infrastructure impairs service and quality
  • Water contamination from chemical runoff, roads, sidewalks, and other sources
  • Population growth increases demand
  • Severe weather events cause contamination and service fluctuations
  • Depletion of underground aquifers
  • Limited funding hampers comprehensive water planning and timely infrastructure improvements

Marstel-Day solutions strengthen your community while conserving resources.

  • Identify and manage your water footprint through smart growth planning
  • Tailor water-quality management to meet specific needsper purpose
  • Partner with stakeholders to help overcome barriers to collaborative watershed planning
  • Ensure accurate and timely planning by using standardized data, new technologies, and GIS mapping
  • Recycle water whenever possible to eliminate waste and maximize resources, including stormwater and wastewater

Here are 8 strategies for managing your water resources and risks: