Growing Your Sustainable Business Practices

“We continue to help our clients ‎make better use of their natural resources as a key business attribute and business multiplier, and we deliver to them strategies to help them offset the business risks of climate change.”

– Rebecca R. Rubin,
Marstel-Day LLC.

Trying to reduce your organization’s landfill waste, but want to do more than recycle? Exploring how to consume fewer resources? Wondering how to embed sustainability into your corporate culture, but concerned about the potential cost of greener practices?

If you are ready to grow your organization’s sustainability efforts, Marstel-Day, LLC can help. We have extensive experience in assisting companies that want to expand their environmentally-conscious practices. Our clients have seen that sustainability is good for the environment—and for business. Green routines attract and retain customers and employees, strengthen stakeholder relationships, and more.

Champion the cause from the executive office

Your CEO must show the organization’s commitment by actively advocating for your sustainability policy. As the lead champion, the top executive needs to personally demonstrate the depth of your dedication, keep sustainability on everyone’s radar, and assist in holding each employee accountable.

Partner with your community to address land use and encroachment

Climate change poses a serious, new risk to operations and infrastructure, no matter where you’re located, but especially in or near coastal areas. Land use directly affects the community; it can cause ill effects ranging from potential job loss to environmental liabilities. But collaborating with localities, universities, businesses, and nonprofits can improve outcomes for everyone.

Create an internal sustainability plan

Focus your organization by preparing and implementing a quarterly report on your climate risks and carbon footprint. Include metrics to track your progress and highlight areas in need of improvement. The record will help ensure your accountability and will be useful in attaining regulatory compliance.

Collaborate with stakeholders on resource use—and strengthen your relationships

Sharing water or energy resources with the local community can improve its resilience in the face of extreme weather events – and advance your relationships.

For example, Marstel-Day created win-win, water-sharing partnerships between U.S. Air Force bases and surrounding communities. The result? Potential savings of $10-$40 million in water-related costs and upgraded base resilience for the Air Force.

Encourage employees to find creative, sustainable solutions

Engage your leadership, human resources and communications teams in encouraging all staff to identify innovative, green solutions to business challenges confronting your company and your clients. Marstel-Day can help find the best strategies for involving everyone.

A recent PricewaterhouseCoopers study found that more than half of recent college graduates seek a company with corporate social responsibility values that align with their own, and 56 percent would consider leaving a company that didn’t have the values they expected.

Know your impact on the environment

A lifecycle analysis of the carbon footprint of your product or service will reveal opportunities for reducing resource use. It also provides a baseline necessary for measuring your progress in curbing consumption and waste. Climate benchmarking allows you to compare your outcomes and climate vulnerabilities against the market.

Gain credibility by becoming certified—and help ensure your regulatory compliance

Certification by an independent, third party will validate your sustainable business practices. An endorsement can make achieving compliance easier, keep you on track, and improve your brand’s credibility. It shows customers and employees that you “walk the talk.”

For information on how Marstel-Day can help identify the certification program that’s right for you, including the NSF International’s P391 program for Sustainable Service Providers, contact us.

Organize an internal Green Team to focus and engage your staff

Empower employees by encouraging them to identify strategies and tools to reduce resource use. Consider forming a small group of green champions to monitor and update your internal sustainability plan.

Your internal Green Team can measure performance and evaluate the costs and benefits of proposed strategies. The group can also identify sustainability awards for your organization to pursue.

Businesses and organizations with sustainability embedded in their culture build resilience for their operations and their environment. They keep employees and customers, strengthen stakeholder relationships – and may manage compliance more effectively.

Marstel-Day can help you choose the right steps toward sustainability for your organization. Ask us how.