Environment and Energy Initiatives

Energy and Environment: Transforming Risks into Opportunities

Resource scarcity and climate effects can wreak havoc on your natural and built infrastructure, operations, supply chains, or facilities.

From multinationals to small businesses, organizations are confronting risks to their resources–water and power supplies in particular—as never before.

Marstel-Day’s experienced analysts and environmental planners can help transform your threats into new business opportunities. We can show you how to use creative strategies, innovative partnerships, and leading-edge analysis to give resilience to your operation and your brand, gain a competitive edge, even exceed compliance standards.

Why Reduce Your Carbon Footprint?

Reduced risk

Would a Superstorm Sandy disrupt your operation or harm your infrastructure? Marstel-Day offers innovative ways to help you understand and reduce your vulnerabilities. We can conduct a comprehensive risk analysis, or a shorter-term Rapid Solutions Team evaluation, to identify your liabilities.

Visit our Climate Risk Mitigation webpage to learn more.

Better managed compliance

Initiatives to reduce your energy and resource consumption will help you meet compliance requirements, which are becoming more complicated amid changing and growing regulations and oversight.

Improved competitiveness

Businesses must now implement substantial, environmentally-conscious strategies to compete. Through our climate-benchmarking services, Marstel-Day can help identify the strategies your top competitors are employing and how you compare.

Reduced resource use and costs

Increased efficiency. Curbing resource consumption in your supply chain and operations overall and cutting their costs are the primary benefits of environmentally-conscious initiatives. Curtailing your use of resources—water, energy, electricity, food, paper, other tree-related products—will improve efficiencies and productivity too.

Marstel-Day can help you forecast your resource needs, explore renewable energy options, and develop creative solutions, such as stakeholder partnerships.

Strengthen stakeholder relationships

You can reduce your resource use and improve stakeholder relationships by partnering on a wide range of initiatives—from sharing water or energy resources, greening the supply chain, improving community resilience, and disposing of excess land.

Marstel-Day created win-win, water-sharing partnerships between U.S. Air Force bases and surrounding communities. The result? Potential savings of $10-$40 million and upgraded base resilience for the Air Force. Contact us to learn how Marstel-Day can help develop your alliances with stakeholders.

Enhance land use—Reduce encroachment issues

Considering the environmental impact of expanding, relocating, or “right-sizing” your operations can provide transformative benefits for your business and the community.

For example, Marstel-Day assisted the U.S. Department of Defense in managing numerous base closures by developing strategies that benefited surrounding communities, mitigated potential negative impacts, and enhanced baser relationships with neighbors. These strategies can apply to businesses too.

Retain and attract clients through sustainable branding

Studies show that a brand associated with a strong corporate social responsibility (CSR) positively influences purchase decisions by businesses and consumers. According to a recent

Attract and retain top talent

Improve your company culture. Recent PricewaterhouseCoopers and Gallup studies show that high-performing employees more actively seek companies with corporate social responsibility initiatives. Top talent need to see solid evidence of organizational commitment to these values. Staff also want to know how they can engage directly.

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