Natural and Cultural Resources

A Marstel-Day Success Story

Marstel-Day cultural resource staff conducted work on a set of Integrated Cultural Resource Management Plans (ICRMP) for Naval Engineering Facility (NAVFAC), Washington. Such plans help to preserve and protect significant historic properties important to the Nation, including buildings, monuments, landscapes and archaeological sites, at U.S. Navy facilities throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and nationwide.

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Each plan includes an historic context and a detailed discussion of the known historic properties within a given installation. Marstel-Day works closely with the client to develop the management plan and Standard Operating Procedures, tailored to the specific conditions of each property. Some properties are National Historic Landmarks and require careful protection and analysis, which Marstel-Day provides to our clients.

Natural Resources Studies

“After having the pleasure of working with Marstel-Day on a regular basis these past six months, I have great confidence in their ability to deliver sound technical guidance in a very expedient, professional, and thorough manner.”

Marstel-Day’s biologists, planners, and GIS specialists have completed hundreds of natural resource projects across the U.S. We specialize in landscape scale conservation planning and supporting ecological studies. Marstel-Day is committed to executing projects that enhance the environment and conserve natural resources. Our professionals contribute our best thinking possible towards the resolution of our clients' intractable natural resource and land use issues.

Areas of expertise

  • Landscape Scale Conservation Planning
  • GIS-based Landscape Mapping, Modeling, and Analysis
  • Integrated Natural Resources Management Plans (INRMPs)
  • Comprehensive Conservation Plan (CCPs) Support
  • Resource Management Plans (RMPs)
  • Habitat Conservation Plans (HCPs)
  • Forest Management Plans
  • Wetlands Delineations
  • Wildlife Management Plans
  • Endangered Species Management
  • Sentinel Landscape Policy
  • Strategic Communication and Engagement
  • Mitigation Banking/Credits
  • Ecological Services Analysis
  • Conservation Conveyance
  • Net Environmental Benefit Assessments
  • National Environmental Policy Act Studies
  • Greenspace Planning
  • Climate Adaptation and Mitigation
  • Biological Monitoring
  • Ecological Modeling and Analysis
  • Habitat Mapping and Analysis
  • ESA/Section 7 and Biological Assessments
  • Bird/Wildlife Air Strike Hazard Analysis

Ecosystem Services

  • Barbers Point NAS
  • Pittsburgh Air Reserve Station
  • Kansas Army Ammunition Plant
  • Prairie Dog in Colorado
  • Hamilton Airfield
  • Sierra Army Depot
  • Mare Island Naval Shipyard
  • Savannah Army Depot
Ecosystem services are those ecological processes that provide significant benefit to humans. Ecological services may vary in importance depending on the ecosystem and natural resource. Marstel-Day’s ecologists, planners, economists, and GIS professionals routinely list, prioritize, and delineate ecosystem services so that clients and stakeholders may recognize and then attach value to these services. Marstel-Day is committed to incorporating ecosystem services assessments into all of our projects to promote better understanding of ecosystems and the benefits they provide.

Areas of expertise

  • Quantifying Ecosystem Services through listing, prioritization, delineation, and economic/market analysis
  • Integrating Ecosystem Services into existing conservation, landscape, sustainability planning, Green markets, and decision-making processes
  • Landscape Scale and scenario modeling for evaluating impacts to Ecosystem Services
  • Stakeholder partnership development and engagement
  • Facilitated communication and consensus building for Ecosystem Services valuation
  • Policy and regulatory support for codifying Ecosystem Service processes

Water Resources

Marstel-Day brings a multi-disciplinary staff of planners, scientist, engineers, analysts, managers, and GIS specialists in support of our clients’ water resource management needs. Our highly skilled and experienced staff specializes in watershed and coastal resource management, water resource planning, and environmental compliance. We provide comprehensive water sustainability strategies and environmental compliance support for our clients at the federal, state, and local government levels and in the private sector.

“Teamwork, and providing quality customer support, is very important to Marstel-Day. As the on-site contractor, their employees greatly compliment the team while providing enormous energy, thought-provoking input, enthusiasm, and a can-do easy attitude which has been contagious to all who come into contact.”

Areas of expertise

Cultural Resources

Marstel-Day staff work with local experts and our Partners to provide full-service cultural resource support. Our team of cultural resources specialists, archaeologists, anthropologists, architectural historians, historic preservationists, and GIS specialists have completed a significant number of cultural resource projects across the United States. Marstel-Day is committed to working closely with stakeholders to ensure high-quality, error-free documentation of cultural resources and to provide mitigation development and support, when needed. Our professionals contribute our best thinking possible towards the resolution of intractable cultural resource and land use issues.

Areas of expertise

  • National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) Section 106 and 110
  • Agency, Stakeholder, and Native American consultations
  • 36 CFR 79, artifact processing, analysis and curation
  • Integrated Cultural Resources Management Plans (ICRMPs)
  • Public outreach and displays
  • NEPA and NHPA Section 106 integration
  • Phase I, II and III Projects
  • Land Use Histories
  • Mitigation for adverse effects

Resource Forecasting and Analysis

  • Hamilton Airfield
  • Sierra Army Depot
  • Mare Island Naval Shipyard
  • Savannah Army Depot
  • Barbers Point NAS
  • Pittsburgh Air Reserve Station
  • Kansas Army Ammunition Plant
  • Prairie Dog in Colorado

Marstel-Day works with communities, educational facilities, businesses, and military installations to build plans that address a client’s economic, social and environmental goals. Marstel-Day has expertise in identifying ways to save economic resources and at the same time reduce a client’s overall environmental footprint. By leveraging its proven skills in stakeholder partnering, the company is able to bring diverse groups together to create consensus-based plans.

Marstel-Day has also developed unique strategies that incorporate green infrastructure with available ecosystem services to achieve a client’s sustainability goals. For DoD clients, the company leverages partnering opportunities with the local community, allowing both parties to take advantage of synergies in a way that reduces overall costs.

“We would like to express our sincere appreciation for your professional demeanor and hard work during our recent Scoping Sessions. We recognize the significant commitment involved in the preparation of the materials and the delivery of the message designed to address specific stakeholder questions and concerns as well as our responsibility to reach out to the public and solicit their comments as part of the Land Acquisition and Airspace Establishment Study.”

Marstel-Day continues to identify the factors that may impact or support long-term sustainability of federal agency missions, potential mission changes, or the expansion of a mission capability. Marstel-Day has developed deliberative planning analysis/risk assessment processes. In doing its analysis, Marstel-Day must initially develop indicators and measures of external stressors and conditions and associated data and appropriate data sources. A prototype data set will be established to support on-going strategic basing, mission realignments, mission sustainability, encroachment management, and provide overall situational awareness of conditions and factors that could impact current and future mission sustainability.