Stakeholder Engagement and Facilitation

We believe the success of any project, regardless of scale, lies in the strength of the discourse between interested parties. Therefore, Marstel-Day approaches individual development sites via a comprehensive engagement of stakeholders. Since April 2008, Marstel-Day has helped to facilitate the design and approval of Crossroads, a 750-acre transit-oriented development located in Spotsylvania County, Virginia, along the Virginia Railway Express expansion. With ready access to the greater Washington DC Metropolitan Area via commuter rail, Crossroads has the potential to address issues of regional growth by providing a center for housing, shopping and office space.

Within this regional context, Crossroads will consider development impacts at the local level, including environmentally-sensitive areas. In the first phase of work, Marstel-Day forged a concept plan for Crossroads to identify the areas best-suited for development and those ideally reserved for wildlife and critical habitat. It is our goal to deliver a project that is not only economically feasible, but also exemplifies best practices in sustainability and smart growth.