Regional Planning

As we apply and adapt the principles of smart growth, the staff at Marstel-Day adeptly navigates the balance between the celebration of an individual community’s unique cultural and historical assets with the interdependence of these communities within a broader regional framework. We pride ourselves on the ability to incorporate the needs and expectations of a multitude of stakeholders from private citizens and public officials to military leader, planning professionals and business interests. Marstel-Day provided support to the North Carolina Military Growth Task Force (MGTF), a ground-breaking regional coordination effort among the seven eastern North Carolina counties that host Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, Marine Corps Air Station New River, and Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point. In preparation for the population influx associated with military locational decisions and natural growth, the MGTF retained Marstel-Day to facilitate the proactive planning measures characteristic of the smart growth framework. Our efforts culminated in a Regional Growth Management Plan (RGMP).