Business Solutions

A Marstel-Day Success Story

For an experiential marketing agency that had recently experienced a sharp increase in growth within its market (resulting in increased resource and capability needs), we assisted in reevaluating the company's operational strategy based on internal analysis and a comprehensive assessment of its competitors; conducting an internal analysis of the client's current operational structure; developing a benchmarking study to evaluate the client's competitors; developing ideation workshops to diagnose the client's challenges and facilitate its transition toward implementing solutions; and ultimately providing recommendations for a new business model.

Growing Your Sustainable Business Practices

Trying to reduce your organization’s landfill waste, but want to do more than recycle? Exploring how to consume fewer resources? Wondering how to embed sustainability into your corporate culture, but concerned about the potential cost of greener practices?

If you are ready to grow your organization’s sustainability efforts, Marstel-Day, LLC can help. We have extensive experience in assisting companies that want to expand their environmentally-conscious practices. Our clients have seen that sustainability is good for the environment—and for business. Green routines attract and retain customers and employees, strengthen stakeholder relationships, and more.


Water Risk and Resource Management

Water. Your organization and employees depend on it. Your daily operation may require substantial quantities of it. But are you managing this vital resource to ensure its short-term availability and long-term security? Are you preparing for potential threats?

Marstel-Day’s multi-disciplinary staff can help you identify risks to your water assets. Our team of planners, scientists, engineers, analysts, project managers, and GIS specialists will develop innovative ways to mitigate risks. We leverage strategies that generate business opportunities too.


Climate Risk Mitigation

Could extreme weather disrupt your operations? Might a severe storm or unusual drought damage your infrastructure or resources? Are any of your sites in or near a coastal region? If you answered yes to one of these questions, your organization faces potential loss because of climate events.

A growing number of our clients recognize that severe weather could affect their operations, sites, or assets—and they are taking steps to mitigate their climate risk.


Environment and Energy Initiatives

Resource scarcity and climate effects can wreak havoc on your natural and built infrastructure, operations, supply chains, or facilities.

From multinationals to small businesses, organizations are confronting risks to their resources–water and power supplies in particular—as never before.

Marstel-Day’s experienced analysts and environmental planners can help transform your threats into new business opportunities. We can show you how to use creative strategies, innovative partnerships, and leading-edge analysis to give resilience to your operation and your brand, gain a competitive edge, even exceed compliance standards.


Environmental Gaming

Marstel-Day designs and tailors Environmental Gaming simulation training to help clients understand the dynamics and complexities of environmental forces that affect their longer-term strategies, short-term contingencies, and operational planning. Its team collaborates with clients to create appropriate scenarios to test specific propositions or imaginable narratives. Marstel-Day assists in identifying key stakeholders, or actors, in the simulation training exercise.


EnvironmentalScenario Planning

Marstel-Day’s Environmental Scenario Planning services assist our clients in building their understanding of how the world’s increasing environmental complexity could affect their objectives, strategies, decision making, and, ultimately, bottom lines. Marstel-Day’s focused Environmental Scenario Planning fills a special need for our clients, providing both advanced environmental knowledge and extensive experience in strategic scenario development for global clients.