July 2016

Marstel-Day Develops “Green Traveler” App

Marstel-Day Environmental consulting developed the GreenTraveler iPhone app to help business travelers and others stay green while on the road. Because sustainable travel can be a challenge even for those with a light eco-footprint, the Green Traveler iphone 8 app helps users be earth-friendly and keep track of their impact – using tips for planning […]

Marstel-Day Named to ZweigWhite’s 2016 Hot Firm List for the Eighth Year in a Row

For the eighth consecutive year, the business management services firm ZweigWhite has named Marstel-Day LLC to its Hot Firm List of fastest-growing U.S. architecture, engineering, and environmental consulting firms. Marstel-Day ranked 54th on the composite list of the top 100 fastest-growing firms across those industries. Rankings were developed by ZweigWhite, the publisher of The Zweig […]

OMG Highlights

“Anybody can make a difference. If we can, you can too.” Carter and Olivia Ries of OMG (One More Generation) conveyed this message to over 1,200 community members ranging from kindergartners to seniors in high school, as well as professionals. They provided their program on April 15th as part of Marstel-Day’s #StandwithWildlife campaign. Carter and […]

Featured Employee: John Cannon, Focused on Natural Resources

Mr. Cannon’s GIS analysis, research, and field work support our Natural Resources projects including natural resource management, and conservation science and planning. His expertise in prescribed burns, species monitoring, and conducting surveys has earned him a strong reputation among our clients and his peers. He assesses impacts on the environment from Federal improvement projects and […]

Restoring Native Ecosystems through Natural Resources Management

As our natural resources face threats by humans, climate change, and invasive species, Marstel-Day works to lessen the impact and help to restore native ecosystems and their natural disturbance regimes. We use natural resources management techniques, such as prescribed fire, thereby increasing ecosystem biodiversity and resiliency. This method reduces overcrowding for trees inundated by underbrush, […]

Protecting Natural Resources – Bat Surveys/Wetland Delineation

Our natural resources work includes conducting ecological surveys such as identifying the presence of rare, threatened, or endangered (RTE) species and delineating wetlands. For example, Marstel-Day has begun a comprehensive survey of bats at five Federal sites and an analysis of bat acoustic data at six other sites to help determine presence, or absence of […]

Environmental Assessments (NEPA)

Over the past 15 years, Marstel-Day has helped our Federal clients satisfy the requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). Enacted in 1970 as the umbrella statute integrating all other environmental compliance acts, laws, and regulations; NEPA encourages efforts that prevent or minimize impacts to the natural environment as well as promoting human health […]

Migratory Bird Treaty Centennial

On August 16, 2016, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) will lead a celebration of 100 years of migratory bird conservation, put into effect when the United States and Great Britain (for Canada) signed the Migratory Bird Treaty. This milestone treaty and those that followed with Mexico, Japan, and Russia; form the cornerstones of […]

Company Conservation Highlights

For the fourth year in a row, the National Standards Foundation (NSF) certified Marstel-Day to the platinum level of NSF International’s P391, General Sustainability Assessment Criteria for Services and Service Providers. NSF P391 audits 16 internal and external sustainability practices: legal and regulatory, energy monitoring, hiring and compensation, health and welfare, employee training, ethics, and […]

Solutions From Sea to Stars Focuses on Natural Resources

Our human obligation to conserve our natural resources is an ongoing opportunity to reflect and act upon ways to nurture these resources and our planet. Marstel-Day commemorated Earth Day this year by partnering with 12 environmental organizations on 18 different conservation oriented events. We planted trees, cleared natural trails, mulched forest preserves, and removed litter […]