February 2015

Teaching Kids Life Lessons Through Nature: Mamie Parker at Wildlife Conservation Awareness Campaign

“We have to rise above being stuck, stalled and scared” and start introducing young kids to nature. Inspirational speaker Dr. Mamie Parker applauded urban wildlife refuges and other ways of connecting children with nature, and told attendees of Marstel-Day’s Wildlife Conservation Awareness Campaign talk that we need to introduce kids to nature at as young […]

Dr. Mamie Parker Speaks on Urban Wildlife Refuges Feb. 24

Rebecca R. Rubin, President and CEO of Marstel-Day, LLC, announced that the international consulting firm’s Wildlife Conservation Awareness Campaign will feature inspirational speaker Dr. Mamie Parker, formerly of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, speaking on how Urban Wildlife Refuges stir children’s curiosity about nature. The talk will be held Tuesday, February 24, 2015 from […]

Marstel-Day Cosponsors annual Green Frontier Award

The Green Frontier Award, cosponsored by Marstel-Day and Stafford Printing, was awarded to the Silver Ridge Farm in southern Stafford County to recognize its environmentally sensitive practices, including its no-till, crop-cover system that enhances soil, makes it more drought resistant, and cuts erosion and chemical runoff. Read The Free Lance-Star article. Share this

U.S. Wildlife Official’s Denunciation of Illegal Wildlife Trade Launches Marstel-Day’s Wildlife Conservation Awareness Campaign

A senior U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service official said illegal wildlife trade resulted in the slaughter of more than 1,200 rhinos in 2014 and approximately 30,000 elephants annually, but wildlife-conscious consumers and organizations willing to engage lawmakers and educate others can help end or at least abate the crisis. “Wildlife is an easy take. No […]