January 2014

Marstel-Day Wins Environmental Business Journal Gold Medal for Business Growth

Marstel-Day receives Environmental Business Journal gold medal for “Business Growth” for achieving nearly 40% growth in revenue during 2013, opening three new offices, adding multiple new clients. Revenue totaled $17 million in 2013, reflecting 97% growth from $8.6 million in 2010 revenue. New clients for Marstel-Day included, among others, the U.S. Coast Guard (providing NEPA […]

Marstel-Day Receives Environmental Business Journal Award for “New Practice Area”

Marstel-Day receives EBJ award for “New Practice Area” for its initiation of a practice supporting the Air Force in developing policy for and implementing a newly established legislative authority. This new authority allows government services to develop partnerships between installations and surrounding communities. Marstel-Day supported the Air Force in bringing this collaborative process to nine […]