September 2013

Marstel-Day’s Large Forum Facilitation Capabilities

Celebrated conservation consulting firm Marstel-Day, LLC, has significantly expanded its offering of large group facilitation support – an innovative line of business the firm first undertook in resolving stakeholder conflict over dredging and dredge materials disposal in the San Francisco estuary and has refined in support of the Air Force and Navy, with exciting application for other organizations in the private, public and non-profit sectors.

Service Providers Can Now Obtain Sustainability Certification

Service provider companies can now obtain sustainability certification, which was previously only available to product manufacturers. Certification to NSF Protocol P391, North America’s first protocol to define sustainable services, helps companies meet state and federal procurement guidelines for sustainable services as well as demonstrate their commitment to environmental, labor and social responsibility practices.

Time to Protect Our Winters – Marstel-Day’s Rebecca R. Rubin Interviews World Renowned Snowboarder, Jeremy Jones

Our winter playgrounds are under siege – a loss of snowpack as a result of milder and shorter winters are conspiring to end generations of snow-dependent recreation across the globe, says extreme snowboarder, Jeremy Jones. In a newly- posted Vital Voices of the Environment interview with Marstel-Day President and CEO, Rebecca R. Rubin, Jones explains how shrinking glaciers and reduced snow are yet another casualty of climate change, and that without action the future is grim not just for recreationalists, but for businesses and downstream water users.

Marstel-Day Hosts Senator Mark Warner for Small Business Panel

The new Fredericksburg headquarters for environmental consulting firm Marstel-Day, LLC provided the venue for a panel of small business advocates and Virginia Senator Mark Warner (D) to discuss small business incentive programs in Virginia and the Fredericksburg area in particular. The panel was sponsored by the Fredericksburg Economic Development Authority (EDA) and hosted by Marstel-Day.