April 2013

Drought or flood? Buffeted by weather extremes, Virginia tries to balance its water supply.

In the last two months of 2012, the commonwealth got 56 percent of its expected rainfall, yet the average Virginian took little note of the crisis at home. “We can still turn on the tap and water flows, so we think everything’s okay,” explains Rebecca Rubin, founder, president and CEO of Marstel-Day, a Fredericksburg-based environmental consulting firm specializing in water risk management.

Marstel-Day Supports Arroyo Viejo Community Garden

Marstel-Day’s Oakland California Office joined the City of Oakland’s Office of Parks and Recreation in an Earth Day volunteer event to help repair and revitalize the Arroyo Viejo Community Garden, located in East Oakland, an underserved part of the City.

“50 Feet of Sea Level Rise Already Baked-In” – Vital Voices’ Rebecca R. Rubin Interviews High Tide on Main Street Author and Oceanographer, John Englander

Dispelling any doubts about the existence of global warming and likelihood of dramatically-rising seas, oceanographer and author, John Englander, describes to Rebecca R. Rubin, host of Vital Voices of the Environment, why 50 feet of sea level rise is already a certainty, and how current models exclude wild-card events that could mean 6 feet of sea level rise in as little as 30 – 40 years.

White House to honor Rebecca Rubin

The founder and chief executive of a Fredericksburg-based environmental consulting firm will be honored at the White House on Thursday for being a “champion of change.””