Green Commitment

Vision Statement

To identify, adopt, and promote progressive environmental standards and practices that demonstrate our internal corporate commitment to sustainable energy and environmental excellence, and to incorporate this knowledge and information into the advice we provide to our clients.

Green Vision Council

Mission Statement

Our mission is not only one of decreasing our carbon footprint and increasing company sustainability but also of promoting an ethic of environmental awareness that is inculcated broadly and deeply throughout the firm and shared with its clients. To meet this mission, Marstel-Day's Green Vision Council assists in developing plans, monitoring implementation, and then reporting back on progress in the following areas:

  • Procurement
  • Energy efficiency
  • Consumption
  • Water conservation
  • Pollution prevention
  • Electronics management
  • Recycling programs
  • Composting programs
  • Building performance
  • Reductions of petroleum consumption
  • Reductions in greenhouse gas emissions