Nova Emmel

Cultural Resources Archaeology Field Tech

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Ms. Emmel is part of Marstel-Day’s on-call cultural resource team that surveyed land acquired for the future Pikes Peak National Cemetery east of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Ms. Emmel’s background is in cultural resources, technical writing, and environmental inspection.

Previously, Ms. Emmel was an archaeological monitor for areas of preconstruction notification under a Nationwide permit for a multistate pipeline, and has lead crews of cultural resource technicians on preliminary cultural resource surveys for linear projects, identifying and documenting prehistoric and historic cultural material.

Ms. Emmel was a coauthor on the cultural resources report for the ATEX Express pipeline project. An experienced technical writer, Ms. Emmel wrote historic property reports for communication tower projects in response to the Federal Communications Commission Memorandum of Agreement. Historic property reports are reviewed by state and tribal historic preservation offices, initiating the Section 106 review process.

As an environmental inspector, Ms. Emmel ensured environmental compliance at local, state, and federal levels for a multistate pipeline project. Locally, Pennsylvania’s Washington County Conservation Commission required a detailed erosion and sediment control plan for construction activities in Washington County. Best management practices varied from state to state. As an environmental inspector, Ms. Emmel inspected tie-in activities at waterbody crossings, and erosion control devices at pipeyards and along the right of way. In addition to daily reports, Ms. Emmel wrote specific reports for stormwater inspections, inadvertent loss of flow, spill (hydraulic or diesel) reports, and discharge of sediment to the waters of the United States.

Ms. Emmel is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh with a B.S. in Anthropology.