Mark V. Durante


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Mr. Durante is an archaeologist who supports Marstel-Day clients by securing compliance with National Historic Preservation Act, the National Environmental Policy Act, and other state and local regulations. He has 10 years of experience in the cultural resource management industry for the transportation, energy, government, and nonprofit sectors.

His experience includes background research; planning, management, and execution of fieldwork; mapping; laboratory analysis; report and document preparation; and client and public interfacing. He has worked on prehistoric, historic, and industrial sites in urban, rural, and wilderness settings. Prior to joining Marstel-Day, Mr. Durante participated in Army Integrated Cultural Resources Management Plan development, served as project co-lead for a geophysical survey of a deeply buried archaeological site, and managed a geographic information science (GIS)-based stream bank restoration plan. He worked on a GIS-based archaeological predictive model. He has presented his work to professional and academic organizations, including The Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology, The Middle Atlantic Archaeology Conference, and The Society for American Archaeology. Mr. Durante has volunteered time and expertise to nonprofit environmental organizations, and public and private educational institutions.

Mr. Durante holds a BS in evolutionary anthropology from Rutgers University. As an undergraduate student, he attended Jamestown Archaeological Field School. He earned a graduate certification in GIS and geospatial techniques from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where he is completing thesis work for an MA in applied archaeology. His thesis involves development and application of methodologies for using x-ray fluorescence spectrometry and particle-size analysis to conduct geochemical and geomorphic analyses of a prehistoric village site buried in a Western Pennsylvania floodplain.