Jason Winner, GISP

GIS Coordinator

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With more than 15 years of professional experience, Mr. Winner specializes in leadership for strategic conservation planning, geospatial analysis, climate change adaptation, working lands conservation, and geodesign. He leads Marstel-Day’s compatible land use strategies program, leveraging technology innovation for land planning solutions that protect critical resources. Mr. Winner is a leader in facilitating diverse conservation partnerships that leverage multiple funding sources, including collaborations among the Department of Defense, nongovernmental organizations, and private interests. He has experience promoting market-driven conservation incentive programs to protect the vitality of private farms, forests, and seascapes. Mr. Winner works extensively with planning agencies to promote land use tools and policies that effectively balance competing demands among diverse stakeholders. He is a recognized expert on climate change adaptation and green infrastructure solutions.

Prior to joining Marstel-Day, Mr. Winner gained broad experience in leadership positions in consulting, for a public agency, and for a nonprofit land conservation organization. His analysis of coastal resilience in the Hudson River estuary has been extensively used for community planning efforts and is highlighted as a conservation case study by the Land Trust Alliance. His analytical work on foodshed conservation planning has been implemented into policy in the state of New York with significant allocation of funding for conservation action. Mr. Winner has developed customized GIS applications for land use planning, real estate, and asset management. He has extensive experience leading projects to implement smart growth initiatives and sustainable development solutions that protect critical resources.

Mr. Winner holds a BS in landscape architecture from the University of Kentucky. He performed graduate work in landscape architecture, which included significant coursework in GIS, at the University of Florida. He holds an MBA with a specialization in management information systems from Wilmington University. Mr. Winner is a certified GIS Professional (GISP), a professional landscape architect, and a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)-accredited professional. He is experienced as an adjunct professor in GIS and remote sensing at multiple universities, and currently serves on the executive board of the Society for Conservation GIS. Mr. Winner’s career interest focuses on leveraging technology innovations for integrated applications in science, planning, and conservation.¬