Erika Wettergreen

Civil Works/Water Resources Program

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Ms. Wettergreen oversees the management and technical tasks for the company’s U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Civil Works/Water Resources Program and plays a key role in growing the company’s Civil Works/Water Resources Program. She has been instrumental in the planning, development, and execution of the company’s important water resources efforts which include developing the Army Water Security Strategy, designing the Navy’s Engagement for Mission Sustainment Strategy , providing subject-matter expertise for the Air Force Water Resources Sustainability Studies, leading the development of the Climate Change Desktop Reference to support adaptation strategies at Marine Corps installations in the Southeast, and establishing the Water Resources Partnership Standard Operating Procedures for Marine Corps Installations East. She has also served as the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) program lead as well as the communications portfolio manager.
Ms. Wettergreen has over 26 years of experience in water resource planning, natural resources conservation, project management, meeting facilitation, public participation, science communication, and policy analysis. She has facilitated a wide range of NEPA public hearings, meetings, and workshops related to facilities and site planning as well as landscape-scale ecosystem restoration and watershed management, and has participated in the development of over 40 environmental assessments and more than a dozen environmental impact statements.
Ms. Wettergreen previously owned her own business that focused on water resources planning and process support, working with federal government agencies and local communities to successfully move through collaborative, decision-making processes and to mediate conflict resolution activities among parties in dispute. In addition, during her 14 years at USACE, she managed water resources projects on ecosystem restoration and flood risk management, and provided technical support and meeting facilitation to Corps districts in the US and overseas. Ms. Wettergreen led the instructor team for the Corps of Engineers public involvement training course and taught Corps district staff about the fundamentals and best practices of public participation and stakeholder engagement needed to successfully navigate the NEPA process. Ms. Wettergreen also served in the Regulatory Program, evaluating permit applications for the majority of construction activities in Maryland that occur in the nation’s waters, including wetlands.
Ms. Wettergreen’s academic background includes a BA in maritime affairs from the University of Rhode Island and an MS in environmental science and policy from the Johns Hopkins University. She is a certified professional facilitator (CPF) with the International Association of Facilitators (IAF), and is certified in public participation through the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2). She also holds a certificate in commercial and workplace mediation from Northern Virginia Mediation Services.