Claire Reynolds


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Ms. Reynolds provides comprehensive strategic planning, water resources expertise, natural resource support, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) capabilities to Marstel-Day’s public and private sector clients. Ms. Reynolds has extensive experience in producing Regional and Installation Complex Encroachment Management Action Plans (ICEMAPs)—comprehensive plans that evaluate a variety of challenges, including climate effects, air and water issues, airspace and land restrictions, and safety concerns, that may affect military bases or neighboring communities. She is responsible for creating the Compatible Land Use Strategy (CLUS), a GIS-based analysis that identifies potential land-use incompatibilities associated with military missions and surrounding communities. Ms. Reynolds provides analytical support for Water Resource Sustainment and Management Plans, which assist military installations in comprehensively managing a variety of water resources issues related to quality, sustainability, infrastructure, and water rights. She supports a myriad of natural resource planning projects and NEPA studies for the Department of Defense. Ms. Reynolds also has experience in public engagement and meeting facilitation, specifically public–public partnerships between military bases and surrounding communities aimed to create efficiencies, save on costs, and build stronger relationships.

Ms. Reynolds graduated from the University of West Florida with an MS in environmental science primarily focused on water resources. Ms. Reynolds also received a GIS certificate from the University of West Florida Geodata Center.