Ashleigh Benson


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Ashleigh Benson is a research assistant to Marstel-Day and supports the company’s work both independently and with other organizations, universities, and non-profits in support of ecological restoration, wildlife conservation, energy efficiency, water quality, climate change, and other issues.

Prior to joining the company, Ms. Benson worked at an innovative wastewater treatment lab in Blacksburg, Virginia as a research assistant, studying the bacteria anammox and its ability to eliminate toxic nutrients from our wastewater. She also worked as a research intern at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden in Richmond, Virginia, where she completed an independent research project studying the effects of fertilizer run off on water bodies located in and around the garden.

Ms. Benson graduated from Virginia Tech with a BS in environmental science, concentrating on water science and quality. Her field work and sampling experience furthered her passion for the environment and working to improve it. She is currently a volunteer for Friends of the Rappahannock in Fredericksburg, and is a certified citizen water quality scientist for specific sites along the Rappahannock River.