Our Deep Green Commitment

We are a socially and environmentally progressive company deeply committed to green operations, a healthy and energized workforce, and a better planet.

We believe that the green practices we apply daily in our internal operations can be replicated by our clients and the community, and we regularly carry that message to our stakeholders and the public.

Our online interviews with critical environmental thinkers and planners, webinars, guest blog posts, and the time-tested advice we provide to our clients are just some of the ways we share our environmental knowledge.

On the community front, we leverage outreach and engagement to disseminate the environmental, social and economic benefits of practicing eco-leadership. We facilitate environmental workshops, chair green business councils, present findings to community groups and government commissions, and sponsor awards to recognize local environmental leaders.

Leveraging a staff of ardent conservationists, Marstel-Day’s employee-driven Green Vision Council assists in developing plans, monitoring implementation, and then reporting back on progress in the areas of:

  • Green procurement
  • Energy efficiency, including building and electronics management and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions
  • Waste reduction, through material reduction, reuse, recycling, and composting
  • Water conservation
  • Pollution prevention
  • Public outreach and engagement

Our Green Vision Council’s efforts have led to the development of dedicated teams of staff which have helped identify and order green kitchen and office supplies, implemented recycling for electronics and difficult-to-recycle plastics, established a partnership with the local community garden to compost kitchen waste, instituted the use of recycling “stations”, identified local green vendors, planted and maintained native plants, piloted ride-share programs, ensured that all employees have smart strips to control phantom power usage, and arranged for company computers to default to two-sided black and white printing.  At a more global level, the entire staff participates in an annual Earth Day event in the community, and has contributed to the development of a company-wide Climate Change Adaptation Plan that identifies key climate mitigation and adaptation strategies for each of our office locations.


Leveraging a multi-year partnership with Carbonfund.org, Marstel-Day annually offsets its carbon footprint, and designates the payment to go to reforestation or avoided de-forestation projects within the United States.

Marstel-Day obtained in 2013 a platinum-level certification from NSF International as a Sustainable Service Provider – the first service provider in the nation to achieve this honor. These initiatives, among others, demonstrate our commitment to continual learning – to practicing and sharing what we preach. Our success, whether measured by our clients, our communities, or ourselves, will continue to be a function of our ability to remain on the leading edge of environmental thought and practice, and to execute those learnings in ways that can be reproduced for the benefit of others.