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Community Partnerships

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Community Partnerships

Marstel-Day works collaboratively with our clients to provide comprehensive community partnership plans and innovative products. Through expert community partnership facilitation practices, we construct a strong collaborative environment involving diverse groups of internal and external stakeholders. Our work supports our clients by identifying best practices and efficiencies that deliver lasting benefits to their bottom line.

  • Our Army Community Partnership program team has worked with eight Army installations over the past two years and generated more than 200 potential partnerships, from which we’ve assisted garrison staff in implementing approximately 23 signed agreements.
  • Our Marine Corps Community Partnership program team has worked with three Marine Corps installations over the past year and generated 32 potential partnerships, from which we’ve assisted installation staff in implementing5 signed agreements.
  • Our Air Force Community Partnership program team has conducted community partnership programs with31 Air Force installations resulting in identification of more than 300 potential partnerships, from which we assisted the installation staff in implementing 77.

Communication & Engagement Services:
A Marstel-Day Success Story

Marstel-Day provides communication and engagement services for our clients who need their stakeholders to receive their strategic communication messages effectively, accurately, and in a timely manner. One of our major ongoing projects assists a U.S. federal government client with the establishment of a large-scale training location. Marstel-Day staff facilitated the development of a strategic communications campaign plan, which established a framework for project execution, including establishing milestones, identifying risks, coordinating engagement roles across multiple organizations, identifying key stakeholders, and providing message statements for specific audiences.

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Sustained, deliberate engagement efforts by our client, guided by Marstel-Day, continue to have critical impact as the project moves forward. Strategies developed by Marstel-Day staff facilitate the collaborative management between the U.S. Bureau of Land Management and our client, providing a common ground to achieve our client’s training requirement, while enhancing the economy of the local community. Marstel-Day continues to provide strategic engagement direction and guidance for communicating the ongoing land use changes and environmental efforts in the training area.

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With 14 years of experience in communications planning, stakeholder awareness, facilitation, and community partnerships, we have the capacity and internal resources to help our clients develop effective communication solutions.

Marstel-Day’s Core Capabilities in Strategic Communication and Stakeholder Engagement:
  • Stakeholder identification, classification, and directories
  • Stakeholder Engagement Plans
  • Public scoping and meetings, i.e., NEPA
  • Tactical Communications Plans
  • Facilitation and mediation
  • Community relationship-building
  • Messaging and press release packages
  • GIS-based engagement tools
  • Partnership Programs and Table Top Exercises

Stakeholder Awareness

Marstel-Day’s communications specialists work side-by-side with our clients to design the most effective means for establishing and maintaining effective stakeholder interaction. We recognize that a key element of a successful project is to communicate with stakeholders effectively and to engage them as early on as possible. In order to promote effective stakeholder interaction, Marstel-Day assists our clients in determining the proper alignment of client staff and engagement methods, as well as timing and frequency of contact. Engaging stakeholders at the appropriate time, with the right level of personnel, is critical for successful engagement. We gain greater stakeholder awareness through interviews, surveys, and media-based research, as well as Internet and document research and analysis.


Marstel-Day staff help our clients organize and facilitate effective public meetings, charrettes, workshops, negotiations, and information sharing sessions. This includes meetings convened under the Federal Advisory Committee Act and for the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) public participation process. Our staff resolve difficult problems and facilitate the clear translation of complicated technical facts and data to the “lay person,” by developing meeting and workshop materials and facilitating interactive exchanges that are tailored toward each specific audience. We also uncover creative ways to leverage capabilities and resources to reduce costs and find shared values, and to develop strategic stakeholders and alliances. For the workshops and meetings we facilitate, our staff have developed multimedia training and outreach products and communications materials to reach our clients’ desired goals and objectives, all while achieving maximum participation.